Free Downloads!

A Gift for You

As I am launching my website for the first time, I want to celebrate by offering a gift! Click here for free downloads! Once you are on the page, follow the instructions and then be sent some sick photos that you can use as your computer background, phone lock screen, or anywhere else that you want to feel cool.

This next one has got to be my favorite download – I found this Donny and Marie Osmond barbie doll set at a vintage store and honestly I don’t know how life can get better. I had this as my desktop screensaver for several months and it brought me joy every time I logged onto my computer. I just wish I could find an outfit to match.

Another favorite of mine has been the red cherries! I have this as my phone background and even my mom commented on it. heh heh. Click here to go the Freebies page and get yours.

Behind the Scenes – Using Colored Gels

These were shot on painted boards and lit from two light sources. The colored shadows are from colored gels that were placed on each light. Gels are basically thin pieces of flexible and transparent material that you can place over lights to change the color being casted onto your subjects. I was pretty surprised at the end result! Below is a peak at behind the scenes which is also taken from mid project so that’s why it looks like a hot, creative mess!

This was my first time really working with gels and I learned the hard way to not get the gels close to the light bulb. My green gel touched my light for a split second and the heat burned a nice little hole into it. Hope you won’t have to learn the hard way now like me!

Go get your free downloads now and let me know which one is your favorite! And as always, thanks for stopping by!