About Us

Who is Madison Pope Creative?

Hello! My name is Madison Pope and I am a multi-disciplinary artist using video, photo and set design to create fun and quality imagery for brands and businesses. I am based out of beautiful Northern Utah.

My Mission

I’m passionate about serving others with the skills I’ve developed. Whatever your needs are, I am here to help. Shoot me a message and tell me about your next great idea!

My Story

How did I get here? This is a question I get asked a lot!

And a lot had to happen to get to this point. When I was in college I was a fine arts major studying painting and drawing, but unexpectedly found myself in the film world. My school didn’t have a film program, but it did have a Graphic Design professor who was passionate about video and wrangled some of the art students to create video projects. We had a secret video class where we spent hours working on weird projects and teaching each other how to edit and use whatever equipment we could find. Although this class did nothing to help me finish my Fine Arts degree, I ended up graduating with my BFA (and even a minor in Art History).

After I graduated I found myself getting paid to do video work and continued to pursue that. After a while I decided I needed to buckle down and learn the photography side of things and started going to workshops and learning how to shoot for brands. As I moved into the commercial world, I was still holding a torch for my first love, art and design. I finally found a place where all my worlds converged when I was asked to do set design. I found myself painting objects, arranging compositions, working with color, and absolutely loving it! I was also able to incorporate what I had learned studying the visual arts in college and I discovered that my knowledge and experience from shooting was also a huge asset. I knew how to work with a film crew and had an understanding of what things would look best on camera. Working on set design led to styling and set dressing, which opened up even more opportunities for me. As I stepped into this world, I was still getting asked to shoot photo and video, so I’ve continued to pursue those as well. I love the variety of projects I find myself working on and have been lucky to work with some amazing clients and talented crews!