Wistful Adoration / Selin Magazine

I am so excited to share the behind the shoot experience for what went into my first magazine publication at Selin Magazine. This shoot was an absolute dream to work on!


I started creating a concept based on different things I felt drawn towards at the time. I had been thinking a lot about nostalgia, nostalgia marketing, and polly pockets. I don’t know if you know this, but old school Polly Pockets were super dope and put today’s Polly Pocket’s to shame. I had been thinking about Polly Pockets because as a millennial I get blasted by nostalgia marketing – which in this case led to me purchasing a re-release of an original Polly Pocket! I wanted to use the fun retro colors of the original Polly Pockets as color inspiration. Here’s a look at one of my concept boards:

Shooting With Mirrors

I also wanted to explore how I could shoot someone in a way to suggest “reminiscing” and feeling nostalgic. These are very inward and personal feelings and headspaces to be in, so I wanted to create a dreamlike space. For this shoot we relied on props to really help us create a mood. I had found some heart shaped mirrors at a thrift store about a year earlier that I had been holding onto and hoping to use in a photoshoot. Here we used mirrors to symbolize self-reflection and also to give the shoot a surreal quality. Mirrors are challenging to shoot with and take some extra creative problem solving, but when you give yourself some extra time to work with this prop, it can give you some awesome imagery.


The talented model, Lydia Maldonado was amazing to work with and contributed so much to this shoot as well! Lydia brought some perfect props with her! The magical canopy we used in this shot was from her daughter’s bedroom! Playing with the canopy was another great way to bring a feeling of whimsy and add some mystery to the shoot.


Since we were planning on submitting this work for publication, one of the hardest parts was not being able to share it right away! The submission process also felt intimidating to me since I had never done it before, but I submitted to several magazines and was so stoked when it got accepted! It even printed ahead of schedule so we were able to share the shoot with everyone without waiting any longer. It was very rewarding to reach a goal that I’ve had for a long time, big thanks to Lydia for her hard work on this shoot and sharing her talents to make it possible! Take a look at the rest of our photos here!