Another round with Madam Bandit!

What is a Visualizer?

Have you heard of a visualizer? Instead of producing a full length music video, a cool option is to make a visualizer – or a short video that loops throughout the length of the song. In this Tik Tok video Mindy Gledhill (Madam Bandit herself) explains the advantages of visualizers as being – “Way less time consuming and way less expensive, plus it’s a lot more conducive to the short format videos we consume on social media.”

Abandoned Pools & Disco Balls

Shot in Salt Lake City in an abandoned pool in my friend’s backyard! For this shoot I styled and shot the video. For props we used an assortment of Disco Balls, iridescent fringe curtains, the dopest of all the roller skates, and a bubble machine! Hot tip: we invested in a solid bubble machine – it’s definitely worth it to find one with good reviews that puts out a lot of bubbles – I’ve had to work with sub-par bubble machines in the past and it’s really disappointing haha.

Check it out!

Want to see some photos from the shoot? Take a look!


Artist: Madam Bandit

Concept: Kristine Knight

Videography: Madison Pope

Assist: Cheryl Johnson

Photo Retouching: Audra Schwartz