Making Custom Backdrops for Solrae Beauty

Meeting a New Client

Solrae Beauty is a new client that I started working with this year. The owner, Kelly, saw some of my work on an Instagram story and contacted me from there. She was looking for someone who could do photo and video, because she has big plans for her business! I am so happy that I am able to provide both services for my clients! BTW – keep your eye on this business, this talented woman is already going places.

Kelly, owner of Solrae Beauty

Making Custom Backdrops

Kelly shared her branding colors with me and we started there. We couldn’t find the shades that we wanted in the seamless paper rolls that were available to us, so I did what I love most – painted my own.

I am obsessed with these 4’x4′ wooden boards from the home depot. (there’s all different kinds of wood – just pick your poison). They are thin and light enough to handle, just small enough to fit in the back of my car (just), and are big enough to photograph someone in front of (waist up). I had some boards from old projects that I knew I could paint over so all I needed was the paint. I headed to the paint aisle at Home Depot and started color matching Solrae’s brand colors to paint samples. Once I was satisfied I had the colors mixed up and perused the aisles to try out my next big idea – adding texture to the boards using plaster. With every shoot I like to try something new – it’s an opportunity to keep things interesting and to keep learning. I had done some research, but had a hard time knowing exactly what I would need. I did my best and picked out which Homax Wall Texture.

Mixing Plaster

I started mixing the powder with water and experimenting. After some trial and error I finally found a good consistency and tried making different kinds of textures using different sizes of plastic plaster knives. I even used some combs from the dollar store to create a lined texture. After letting the plaster dry, it was time to add paint. I was nervous about this! I didn’t know what to expect, and was hoping it would work. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to paint over the plaster and the boards turned out well. There were some areas that needed extra paint and attention, but overall it was a pretty smooth process. I’ve had to keep the boards extra protected since they are textured and the plaster can get damaged easily if it’s bumped or scrapes up against something. Overall I was happy with the Homax Wall Texture.

On Set

Here are a look at what the boards looked like on set! This gives you a good idea of their size compared to the model! We shot with 3 models that day, as well as doing some headshots of the owner. We shot each model on two different backdrops. This was a  great way to quickly add variety to the shoot and diversify the images. It was also fun to see how the models looked different on each backdrop – color can quickly change the mood of a photo and different colors brought out different aspects of the individual models skin, hair, eyes, makeup and clothing.

End Results

We were happy with the end results! To see the full gallery click here!