It was a real treat shooting this band! It was extra fun for me because my cousin is the drummer. This band came down from Rexburg, Idaho for me to take their pictures. We shot at Center Street Studio in downtown Logan. Shooting in the studio was a big bonus as it was the middle of winter and freezing outside!

The Set Up

They wanted to have a colored background and we chose a bright yellow. There was an awesome couch in the studio that fit the vibe so we added that, along with some rad plants that were also there. I brought the lamps with me as a way to play with practical lighting and add some more interest to the scene. I also loved the retro feel they gave! At the end of our session we tried out some shots on the black paper as well.

Have Fun With it

These guys were more than willing to do some fun posing and play around. I loved that they could be themselves and felt like we captured some really great group and individual shots. It’s always nerve racking to get your photo taken, but they were open to the experience and things started to flow.

Final Edits

I also loved that the band had a vision and knew what they wanted – one request in particular was to have the background fill then entire space on some of the photos. I did some myself, but on the more complicated photos I hired a retoucher, Audra Schwartz, to do the final background extension. It’s really satisfying to see the color fill the space. The end result is a clean, bold look! Happy Trails, Cowboy!