Set Design x 10!

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

This project was a lot of fun as well as a big undertaking! The task was to create 10 custom set designs – each unique and colorful for 10 different products. And our goal was to shoot it all in one day!

Where it Began

I was first contacted by my friend, Parker – of Parker Films for this project. Parker was hired by a company called BBS that’s here in Logan, Utah to shoot Amazon product videos for one of their clients, Ooly. Ooly is the mother company of the brands, Artle and Happido. The brand is fun and colorful and they wanted the set design to match the product – all art supplies! First of all, I was stoked to be working with art supplies. I have loved drawing and doodling since I was a kid, my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree is actually in the category “Painting and Drawing.”

Gathering Props

We started by picking four main backdrop colors and ordered the seamless paper rolls in the colors of our choice. From there I started making concept sketches on my iPad Pro using Procreate and coming up with some color schemes and prop ideas. I like to start by gathering what props I can find on hand or borrow from friends or family – my mom’s house, for example, is a treasure trove of fun furniture and kid’s toys. That gave me a good foundation for my set designs and the ideas started taking shape. I next started visiting stores nearby to try and find inspiration and more props. One important thing I needed to gather was the correct paper for the art supplies. I would like to say it was mostly my art degree that helped in knowing which type of paper to buy for the different art supplies, but if I’m being honest, I have to credit my 4th grade self for knowing what to get for the gel pens. I had already done the work to know black paper + gel pens = awesome. I was deep in the gel pen game back then.

Shoot Day

We rented out Studebaker Studios in beautiful Provo, Utah for the day – I love shooting at this studio! I freak out a little bit every time I go here, WHY you ask? Only Olivia Rodrigo’s DRIVER’S LICENSE was in part filmed at this studio. I firmly believe that more people should know this. Anyway – the studio is a huge open space and perfect for bringing in tons of gear and props for shoots. We set up our paper backdrops and dove right in. Check out this awesome BTS video that Diego Goeckeritz while we were on set!

Everyone we worked with that day was fantastic! And the kids on set! Can’t gush about them enough. They were adorable and so great to work with. The kids absolutely loved using the different art supplies – which is a huge testament to Ooly products! They had no reservations about immediately getting to work on their art – even in front of strangers, in a huge studio, and on camera. I was impressed! It was a good reminder that we all need to be more like kids sometimes when it comes to making art. Less fear and more joy.

That’s a Wrap!

At the end of the day I was exhausted, but happy. I loved the creative problem solving it took to work with different colors, models, props and the other crew members. It takes a lot of people pulling together to get shoots like this done, teamwork is the dreamwork.

Go check out a the full gallery of photos by BBS’s own, Brett Mathews, and of course – check out the amazing videos Parker made!!