With the Holidays approaching I wanted to share 5 of my favorite items that I take with me on shoots! Add these to your wish list this season!

App for Productivity: Focus Keeper This app will help you implement the The Pomodoro Technique – a method using time blocking and breaks to help you move through tasks. I find it really helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed or stuck, it breaks things down into manageable amounts of time and rewards you with breaks! This app sets the timers for you and tracks your progress. Pick a task and start the first 25 minute timer – after 25 minutes it will notify you and give you a 5 minute break. After you complete four 25 minutes sessions, you get a long break of 25 minutes. And repeat. I use it for when I’m working at my desk editing multiple sessions, answering emails, etc. I also use it when I feel unmotivated to work on chores around the house. I can do anything for 25 minutes!

Camera Bag: I am IN LOVE with my camera bag from Peak Design. It’s everything I could have ever hoped for and more in a camera bag. The design is so thoughtful, intuitive and practical. It feels like this bag anticipates your every need! It makes it so easy to shoot on the go – I can store and easily access my camera, lenses, batteries, and card packs. It’s made with quality and durable. I’ve taken it on several video and photo shoots in the mountains and been so happy to have it. It’s definitely worth the money!

In my set design kit: Electric Air Duster – this is a renewable alternative to compressed air! Rechargeable and great for cleaning off surfaces when you are prepping product and product backgrounds for shooting. I’ve also used it on set to create motion in props for video. Bonus: if you ever end up shooting in a place with lots of sand you can use this to protect your equipment by blowing away any pesky grains that often get caught in places you don’t want them!

To haul my gear: A simple Wagon has been an absolute game changer for me! It’s so easy to fold up for transport, and it’s equally easy to unfold when it’s time to use it. Instead of making multiple trips in and out of a studio to unload my gear, I can almost always bring everything I need in one trip with this bad boy. The cherry on top – I don’t get sweaty anymore from transporting all my gear! This has also saved me on a shoot where parking was limited and far from the venue. Plus – in studio it also gives you a nice place to stash your stuff.

Portable Blue Tooth Speaker: One last thing to love is the JBL Clip Speaker. It clips onto my camera bag and runs for hours when it’s fully charged. It connects to your phone (or anyone else’s phone) with Bluetooth and I’ve used it while shooting outdoors and indoors. Playing music while you are shooting is an easy way to ease the tension and take away any awkwardness out of the shoot. It’s also a great way to bring up the energy!

To see more of my recommendations, check out my full list on Kit.

Happy Shooting and Styling!